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Venison Processing

Skinning and Bone Disposal
*If already Skinned and Quartered

(includes bone disposal)

Removal for Cape Mount
Processing with steaks, chops, roasts, etc.
*If Tendons are cut
$100 DEPOSIT PER DEER DUE AT DROPOFF. This will be deducted off your final bill.

If you would like to keep your antlers, they will be removed at the base when you arrive. If you wish to have sausage made after your deer has been processed with us, the sausage will be made at that time. WE DO NOT ACCEPT DEER FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS OR SUNDAYS. Thanks and good luck!

Venison Sausage Pricing

When processed at our market

Our Most Popular Varieties

Price Per LB
50/50 Pork*

Price Per LB
80/20 Pork*

Bulk Country Style Sausage
Fresh Cheddar Brats
Fresh Country Style Sausage
Fresh Country Style Brats
Fresh Country Style Breakfast Links
Fresh Wild Rice Brats
Smoked Cheddar Brats
Smoked Country Style Sausage
Smoked Country Style Brats
Smoked Country Style Breakfast Links
Smoked Polish Sausage
Smoked Wild Rice Brats
Regular Summer Sausage
Pork Added & 20% 80/20 Beef
Pork Added & 20% 80/20 Beef
Snack Sticks (Regular, Teriyaki, Salami, Jalapeno, BBQ, Peppered)
Sweet Peppered Snack Sticks
Venison Bacon (Round sandwich or Strip style, price includes slice, wrap & freeze)

Making your own venison sausage?

We can help. We carry everything you need! Contact us for current pricing.