Great selection! Favorite part: a cooler of nitrite and nitrate free items!! Thank you! Photo shows their amazing uncured beef strips (from that cooler).

Clarissa R.

A must stop– brings me back to growing up in a small town, catholic MN– grab a couple beef sticks and a pack of funeral hotdish brats! Uffda!

Anna S.

They will go above & beyond”

This is a classic butcher shop where the men behind the counter know their meat and take great pride in providing high-quality product. Prices are very reasonable for what you get albeit higher than the grocery store, after you visit this shop there will be no going back. If you need something special just call ahead and they will go above and beyond to accommodate and have never let me down. This place also has more convenient hours than most other local shops and the brat sales outside are very hard to resist.

Shaun R.

Best meat market in the world!!! The sausage and brats are superb. My personal favorites are the fresh sausage and the wild rice brats. If you’re lucky, the Lions will be selling hot brats outdoors so you can take one to go. I may be a little biased, having grown up in this town. And yet I know of lots of folks (like me) who go out of their way to stop and shop. The service is stellar, provided by three generations of the family that owns the market. The meat is wrapped in paper on the spot. And in summer you’ll likely find locally grown tomatoes, sweet corn, and other vegetables.

Ann Marie S.

It’s almost like you enter this meat market via a time machine. You don’t find many meat markets or store like this one anymore. The same friendly face behind the counter year after year willing to prepare you quality meat. Grab a number if you would like service! I love the brats they make. Their jerky and beef sticks are always highly recommended. Basically you can’t go wrong with anything you get from the St. Joe’s Meat Market. I wish I could transplant this market to be near my home in New Mexico. I highly recommending stopping by. They will welcome you!

Jane V.

Best meat market around. Wonderful products, excellent service and amazing staff.

Grace S.

Fantastic!! Best meats ever! Has other groceries too. The staff are outstanding! I will be going back!!!

Sara D.

I used to get so excited when my grandfather would come home while we were visiting with fresh meat wrapped from the “meat locker” in white paper. I knew it was going to be good. One of the perks of small town livin. It’s probably a good thing that I don’t live in St. Joe since I would most likely be a regular. Let’s face it, I love meat. And sad to say, a lot of the not so good for me meat. Summer Sausage, Old Fashioned hot dogs, meat sticks etc. I don’t eat it a lot, but when I do…..I tend to get busy and territorial. My brother is a regular here and often brings fresh rolls of goodness to family events. He recently brought some to die for beef sticks stuffed with jalapenos and cheese. Wow! Really good. After math without some pepcid, not so good. He’s also graced us with the presence of the fresh rolls of summer sausage in the white paper. Their summer sausage is excellent. I don’t know exactly what they do to it and really don’t want to know, but I know this much; after eating sausage from the St. Joe meat market, there is no way I can go back to that Hickory Farms nonsense. Everytime we have an event and there are left overs, I’m always fortunate to get the left overs. Love their meats!

Amy R.

Summer sausage is excellent”